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Kickbike trips

Kickbike trip
A cool, fun and nature-friendly scooter trip is available everywhere where there are walking trails and exciting views. Kickbike rolls very well on gravel and sand roads. 

We offer the following options:
1. Southern Estonia hike!
Choose the time or package that suits your group or join the planned tours!
2. Invite us to the appropriate shipping across Estonia.

We organize a scooter trip for 4-60 participants (in Põlva County) for 10-60 participants elsewhere in Estonia. Ask us about the best routes, including dining and accommodation!

Info and booking:, phone +372 56 678 113

Guided kickbike trip in Taevaskoda (Põlva)

Duration: 7-12 km, 2-3 hours
Group size: 4-60 person
Price: 20 € adult., 15 € child (6-16 years)
minimum price 200 € per group

The ride takes place on the picturesque landscape of the protected area of the Ahja River valley. The route is kaleidoscopic with moderate downhill and uphill slopes, the rapids of the Ahja River, sandstone outcrops, caves, historical bridges and interesting cultural background. Your tour guide will introduce the surrounding area and nature as well as relate legends and stories about Taevaskoda.

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Kickbike trips around Kõrvemaa, Jäneda and Aegviidu (Harju)

Duration: 7-12 km, 2-3 hours
Group size: 10-60 person
Price: 26 € adult., 16 € child (6-16 years)
minimum price 300 € per group

The scooter is the perfect means of transport for enjoying the outdoors, regardless of age, and anyone will be able to cope well on any terrain. It is as if the varying landscape of Kõrvemaa and its hiking and forest trails were made for scooter rides. You can have a picnic in the rest stops and at campfire sites along the route, feast on forest berries, and even have a fry-up of fresh mushrooms if you are lucky.

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