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Matkajuht – Outdoor and adventure holidays for independents, families and groups.

With over 2000 lakes, 2 million hectares of forest (about 50% of mainland), lot of islands, national parks and nature reserves, Estonia is the perfect choice for an active holiday. To the east the country borders Lake Peipsi. Lake is the fourth largest freshwater body in Europe. In the west, the coast washed by the Baltic Sea; in the north by the Gulf of Finland. Estonia has more than 1500 islands.
Covering 45228 sq km, Estonia is slightly bigger than Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium or Switzerland. Convenient transport connections from other EU countrys mean that this vast and beautiful country is both exotic and accessible. Where is Estonia?

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River Võhandu

River Ahja

Lighted raft tours on Rummu

Matkajuht is Estonian adventure and outdoor holiday provider. We offer outdoor ecotourism holidays in Estonia, from canoeing/kayaking to kicksledding to romantic log cabin breaks, whether you are a solo traveller, family, sports club or corporate group. Estonia is an ideal destination for year-round outdoor adventures!

Go river kayaking or canoe the remote and peaceful waters of Emajõgi (Mother River) or Võhandu, camping wild along the way, learn bushcraft skills in the wilderness, build and pilot your own canoe raft.

For larger groups (starting from 10 people)

Bog shoeing / Snow shoeing

Kicksledge rides

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